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Truffle Salami Medallions

Truffle Salami Medallions

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Elevate snack time with our luxurious Mangalitsa Truffle Salami Medallions, harmonizing sweet and savory flavors for a truly extraordinary experience. Infused with imported Italian truffle bits and truffle oil, these artisan-crafted medallions add a gourmet touch to any occasion. Perfect for enhancing your charcuterie platter or enjoying on its own, indulge in this exquisite treat that promises to leave you craving more.


Our 4oz packages of charcuterie meat serves 3 people.

Storage Recommendations

Seal in saran wrap and refrigerate.

Tips For Using

Choose a selection of cheeses that complement the truffle salami's flavor. Creamy cheeses like brie, goat cheese, or gorgonzola can balance the richness of the truffle. Provide spreads like fig jam, honey, or grainy mustard to complement the truffle flavor and enhance the overall tasting experience.

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