Our pigs enjoy a wholesome and free–range life in the lush woodlands of our farms. They freely forage, root, and indulge on a natural diet of European acorns, giving their meat a distinctive flavor.

Welcome to Goode & Local, where tradition meets taste. For over five years, we've been crafting the finest handcrafted meats, charcuterie, and sausages straight from our farms to your table. Led by our expert farmer, Don Rodrigo Duarte, certified by Portugal to raise 100% pure Iberico pigs, we ensure each bite reflects our dedication to excellence. From our natural farming practices to our meticulous attention to detail, every product embodies our commitment to quality and tradition. Explore our selection at farmers markets across Westchester, Rockland, NYC, and Northern NJ, and join us on a journey filled with the finest flavors and heritage.

More About Us:

  • Natural Gourmet Flavor without chemical additives: Our commitment to pure flavor means you can enjoy the true essence of pork without any artificial interference. Raised naturally and free from hormones or antibiotics, our Mangalitsa Pork promises a rich flavor profile, thanks to its high monounsaturated fat content and tender texture.
  • Craft Quality Priority: Every cut of pork we offer is a result of meticulous attention to detail. By ensuring our pigs are raised in stress-free environments with ample space and open-air living, we guarantee superior tasting, tender meat that reflects our dedication to craft quality.
  • Family Heritage: Our legacy of excellence spans generations, imbuing our products with tradition and quality. With our 100% Iberico DNA pigs exclusively registered with Portugal, you can trust in the authenticity and heritage behind every bite.
  • Traceability: From farm to table, we ensure complete transparency and traceability. By controlling every step of the process, from breeding to packaging, we guarantee that you're enjoying truly local, high-quality pork with each purchase.
  • Food Ethics: By supporting our family-owned business, you're not just purchasing pork; you're investing in quality, ethics, and the well-being of farming communities. Our vertically integrated farming operation in New Jersey prioritizes ethical practices, never using nitrates or nitrites and curing all meats with celery juice for naturally occurring, non-synthetic nitrates.