Welcome to Goode & Local!


At Goode & Local, we take pride in delivering the highest quality handcrafted superior meats, charcuterie, and sausages directly from our farms to your tables. Our journey began five years ago, specializing in the exceptional Mangalitsa pig and later expanding to include the prized Iberico pig. With over 80 years of combined culinary and management experience, the Goode & Local team is dedicated to providing you with award-winning, artisanal products that are second to none. 

It all started with our farmer, Don Rodrigo Duarte. A true expert in his field, he is exclusively certified by the country of Portugal to raise 100 percent pure Iberico pigs outside of Portugal. These pigs, native to the Iberian Peninsula of Southwestern Europe, are raised with the utmost care on our farms. Each piglet receives a unique number, and their life and DNA are meticulously tracked by the Department of Agriculture in Portugal. 

Don Rodrigo’s dedication to tradition and excellence is reflected in how he raises our purebred Iberico pigs raised in a natural environment, where they feast on wild herbs, grasses, and tons of the uniquely portuguese acorns. Their 16-month growth period, free from intensive feeding, results in the finest and most flavorful ham. 

Our farm-to-table approach is made possible because we breed, feed, harvest, butcher, package, and create a large variety of special cut sausages and salumi. We sell our exceptional products directly to specialty shops, restaurants, hotels, resorts, and from farmers markets. We are committed to sustainable farming practices, responsible open range grazing, and never using antibiotics, hormones, nitrites, or nitrates. All of our artisanal products are handcrafted in USDA inspected facilities, ensuring the highest standards of quality food and safety production. 

The Mangalitsa breed and the Iberico pigs from Don Rodrigo are the core part of our farming operation. Currently, we have three farms in New Jersey and recently acquired one out of the thirty-nine swine processing plants in the country. Our heritage breed herd consists of over 1,000 pigs at any given time, making us owners of some of largest herds and best swine genetics in America. 

As we continue to grow and thrive, our passion for good food in honoring tradition remains at the heart of everything we do. We invite you to explore our selection of premium meats, including our famous roasted piglets, Iberico presunto, and Mangalitsa premium ham. You can find us at 14 farmers markets across the greater Westchester, Rockland, NYC, and Northern NJ areas. 

At Goode & Local, we look forward to bringing you a delightful culinary experience filled with the finest meats and charcuterie. Thank you for joining us on this delicious journey.