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Premium Uncured Ham (Jamon)

Premium Uncured Ham (Jamon)

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Indulge in the delight of our exclusive Spanish-style Mangalitsa Premium Uncured Ham, meticulously dried for over two years to achieve its exceptional flavor and texture. Crafted with care and available only at Goode & Local, each 3-ounce serving promises a taste sensation that is truly unforgettable. Experience the artisanal craftsmanship of Spanish ham, aged to perfection and sliced paper-thin, making it a gourmet addition to any charcuterie board.


When crafting charcuterie platters, allocate 3-4oz per person.

Storage Recommendations

Seal in saran wrap and refrigerate.

Tips For Using

Pair the premium uncured ham with complementary flavors. It works well with cheeses like Swiss, Gouda, or cheddar.

Combine the ham with savory items like olives, pickles, and marinated vegetables for a balanced flavor profile.

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