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Iberico Suckling Pig

Iberico Suckling Pig

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Experience True Culinary Excellence: Fully Cooked 10 lb Ibiza Piglets from Newark, NJ.

Celebrate in style with our succulent Iberico Suckling Pig, roasted in a 700° brick oven in Newark's Iron District and marinated in Portuguese white wine. Perfect for any occasion, this exquisite delicacy promises unmatched flavor and is ready to impress your guests.

These Ibiza piglets come fully cooked and precut for added convenience. Don't miss out on this rare culinary delight that will leave a lasting impression. For more information on hot to reheat, carve, and serve click here.

Let us know how you want it cut:
Whole-shipping cost is the highest due to the large box required for shipping.
 - cut in half
 - cut into six pieces
 - cut into many pieces for a party platter ($55)
- comes with a cup of jus from the roasting process


Can feed 8-12 people as a main course. Can range based on appetites.

Storage Recommendations

Wrap the portions of leftover suckling pig tightly with plastic wrap or aluminum foil. Place the wrapped portions in airtight containers or resealable plastic bags to prevent moisture loss and freezer burn.

Tips For Using

Marinating the pig with a flavorful mixture of herbs, spices, and marinades can enhance its taste. Allow the pig to marinate for several hours or overnight before cooking.Serve the suckling pig with a variety of side dishes that complement its flavor. This could include sauces, salads, bread, and roasted vegetables.

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