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Indulge in the rich flavors of our Chistorra, a fast-cure Iberico sausage originating from Aragon, the Basque Country, and Navarre, Spain. Transport your taste buds to Spain with this authentic Chistorra, perfect for tapas and crafted using traditional recipes. Encased in lamb tripe or plastic, this savory delight boasts a 70-80% fat content and a vibrant red hue from the perfect combination of garlic, salt, and paprika, delivering an authentic Spanish flavor experience with every bite.


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Versatile in its applications, Chistorra is a culinary gem, fry whole, chop into tapas, or as a bocadillo filler.

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What is the origin of chistorra?

Chistorra is a spicy sausage originating from Spain, perfect for tapas and other Spanish delicacies.

What makes this chistorra unique?

Crafted using traditional recipes, this spicy sausage delivers an authentic Spanish flavor experience with every bite.